October 8 – DCU Process Breakout

FREE – Thursday, October 8 2020 (8PT, 9MT, 10CT, 11ET, 1500GMT) Delayed Coking Ancillary Equipment (Blowdown System, Coke Cutting, Coke Handling, and Water Handling) Facilitator: Sim Romero, Becht Engineering Overview How long…

August 6 – Solvent Deasphalting: Why is there so much buzz?

Many refiners are struggling to meet new product specifications and improve refinery margins simultaneously while dealing with large resid pool. The choice for resid upgrading technology and flow scheme is of paramount importance especially in the face of the IMO 2020 regulations.



July 29 – Octane destruction in FCC gasoline posttreaters

Many North American refineries have started increasing severity on gasoline posttreaters to make Tier 3 ultra-low sulfur gasoline. Our 3-year program of pilot plant and commercial field tests has shown that, when posttreater severity is increased, octane destruction will increase by much more than has been expected by the industry.


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July 23 – Managing Coke Drum Foam with Chemicals

The production of foam above the level of the coke bed during and after coke drum filling is just part of the process and is inevitable (generally). There are various scenarios where more or less foam can be expected. As part of this webinar, we will explore how foam can be reduced or managed with antifoam chemicals and through process awareness.

Recap April 9 – Understanding Coker Heater COT and TMT Measurement to Improve Your Unit Production

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the discussion with questions, poll feedback and comments. It was a truly interactive experience. We can only get better from here….. Here are some recaps and critical insights shared during the event.

With eREFCOMM, our goal is to recreate that community feeling of a live RefComm® event but in an online setting. Just like in the live RefComm events, the breakout sessions are ethereal and you have to be there to benefit from the information.

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