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Anti-coking Solution for DCU Fired Heater Tubes

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Facilitator: Sanjay Lodha: Global Business Director TUBACOAT, Tubacex Group, Spain


Anti-coking Solution for DCU Fired Heater Tubes

TUBACOAT (or advanced ceramic coated tubes) is a disruptive innovation technology from TUBACEX Group. This new technology of silica ceramic coating has an excellent resistance to coking, erosion and corrosion at extreme conditions and high temperature up to 800oC (1472oF) in critical refinery and petrochemical process equipment.  TUBACOAT tubes also minimize coke formation, deposition and plugging due to its chemical inertness in Delayed Coker, Visbraker, Vacuum Distillation Unit, Resid Hydrocracker and other refinery unit furnaces.  These benefits improve unit run length without decoking, unit reliability, heat transfer efficiency, tubes life cycle, increase throughput and reduced carbon foot-print for both new and aging plant equipment.

This Webinar tries to bring out the properties and advantages in terms of resistance of ceramic coated tubes to various forms of coking, corrosion, fouling, scaling and the expected cost savings.  Chemical inertness and coking resistance study and case studies based on results from various commercial field trials and runs with major US and Europe refineries and further developments will be presented.


TUBACEX Group provides tubular solutions in the five continents. The TUBACEX group is dedicated to the production and sale of seamless tubes in stainless steel and high nickel alloys. In addition, it manufactures other long stainless steel products.

Sanjay Lodha

Sanjay Lodha

Sanjay Lodha is a Global Business Director for TUBACOAT, a subsidiary of Tubacex Group, Spain.

Sanjay brings with him more than 26 years of experience in Commercial Sales, Business Development, Management, Licensing Technology, Process Engineering and Operations in oil refining and chemical industry across USA, Middle East, India and other International markets.

Prior to joining Tubacex, he has worked with Shell USA, Chevron USA, Evonik USA and Dow Chemicals, where he has acquired a vast knowledge and exposure to the Refining and Petrochemical Industry. Sanjay holds an MS in chemical engineering from University of Idaho, Moscow, USA and advanced negotiations executive management from MIT, USA.

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Posted by: Evan Hyde

Evan Hyde is the director of field services for He previously was president of C2 Nano Technology where they researched surface treatments to combat fouling & corrosion issues in cokers & other petrochemical process units. He was a Senior Engineering Advisor for Becht Engineering Co., Inc. and has consulted on processing improvement and reliability initiatives for coking clients around the world. Prior to joining Becht, Evan worked for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, as a process engineer, with assignments in research, and troubleshooting for heavy oil upgrading equipment. He holds a B.S. of Chemical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

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