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© Slovnaft-Residual Hydrocracking (RHC)

© Slovnaft-Residual Hydrocracking (RHC)

With changes in crude prices and the increased global production of heavy crude oil, refineries need to look toward other processes and technology to boost their global competitiveness. Residue Hydrocracking is one solution. Resid Hydrocracking processes heavier feeds to maximize diesel production. This process also has the flexibility to use non-standard feeds, such as Heavy Coker Gas Oil (HCGO) and Deasphalted Oil (DAO).

Due to the continual supply of fresh catalyst, the Resid Hydrocracking Unit (RHU) produces a constant yield of high-quality products. Middle distillates can be blended into jet fuel and diesel fuel. Other benefits include significantly increased liquid yields; high volume of kerosene and light gasoil; a wide range of other products and a low sulfur content.

The RHU has a higher capital investment cost and hydrogen costs than a Delayed Coker (DCU).  However with increased availability of natural gas which brings about a lower price and reductions in the cost of the required high-pressure equipment, the return on investment (ROI) swings in favor of RHU when compared to a DCU with a hydrotreating unit.  With the non-destruction of hydrogen in the RHU, it achieves a higher conversion at 85% compared to 65% for the DCU. The RHU can also be integrated successfully with an existing delayed coking unit to create a powerful combination.

No matter which you use, the Residue Hydrocracking process and technology are well-established and proven to be effective.

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