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10 Reasons to learn about Resid HydroCracking

10 Reasons to learn about Resid Hydrocracking

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  1. Resid HydroCracking maximizes diesel production.
  2. Ability to process heavier feeds.
  3. Produces higher liquid yields and better quality with a larger return on investment.
  4. Its unconverted residue product is much higher in value than with traditional processing methods.
  5. A Resid HydroCracking Unit can be integrated into refineries with existing delayed coking units.
  6. The cost of high-pressure equipment, needed for a Resid HydroCracking Unit, has significantly reduced due to major design improvements.
  7. Produces a high volume of kerosene and light gasoil.
  8. Great solution for the International Maritime Organization’s sulfur content limits and quality specifications.
  9. The cost of hydrogen has decreased considerably.
  10. The technology processes are well-established and proven to be effective.
Resid Hydrocracking (RHC / RHU / RHDC) Resid Hydrocracking
10 Reasons to learn about Resid Hydrocracking 10 Reasons to learn about Resid Hydrocracking
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