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RefComm Galveston 2017 Coker CatCracker Sulfur Conference Exhibition and TrainingRefComm® is the biggest delayed coking conference in the world. For full conversion, selected conference locations also include Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Resid HydroCracking, Solvent Deasphalting, and Sulfur Recovery. Our seminar offers unique features like Work Groups, which solve issues in small groups, and Answers Now! which puts questions to the entire gathering for immediate, diverse input and problem solving.

This is one of the very few conferences which also caters to operators who are responsible for the day-to-day production in the coker and catcracker.  Give them knowledge and networking resources to run their unit effectively.  Then they will be productive and safe – they will inspire and motivate the rest of your crew! See testimonials and video at Why do so many operators attend RefComm.

Relevant content is provided by refiners and suppliers and vetted by an advisory group. Review presentations from previous conferences.

Excellent presentation. His presentation [Interrupted Drum Incident: A Refiner’s Report by Frank Tracy, Phillips 66] supports the mission of lifelong learning and sharing so others do not make the same mistake. Mike Kimbrell, Advisor, BP

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Coker Training See what you are missing: view the video archives.

Refiners look forward to the tradeshow floor, where exhibitors bring the latest technology and advance specifically to our industry.  The Galveston conference has as many as 100 booths where refinery influencers gather information which is relevant to their plant.

RefComm® week begins with optional training (see training course list and video) for Delayed Coking (DCU), Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCCU) and Mechanical Integrity of Coke Drum Integrity.  Operations, technical and maintenance staff learn how to operate their unit safely, efficiently and profitably.

Students return to the plant-inspired and motivated.  With expanded knowledge from expert instructors and discussions with industry peers, they are better equipped to address day-to-day issues and unexpected anomalies. Save your company time and money by educating your staff and avoiding costly errors.  Courses are also offered at regional locations and customized for refinery and vendor locations.


Refining Community hosts high quality, technical, international refining conferences (RefComm®) since 2001. By the end of 2020, 42 conferences will be held in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.  See the RefComm® and company history.

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Your group ran, literally, the best seminar that I have ever been to, from a logistics point of view. I used to run a national association with 30,000 members and our annual meetings were NEVER put together as well as what you guys did last week. I was constantly amazed at how well you ran the program. Each segment and transition point was coordinated perfectly and it amazed me to see you guys pull it off. Half the time I was set back in my chair thinking “why didn’t we do that?” when remembering how my association used to run our conferences. The food, the MC’s, the handouts, the speaker setups – all of it was top notch. In my 28 year career, I have never seen it done so well, and I am not exaggerating. I wanted to pass along a great big kudos to the whole team, coming from someone who knows what it takes to move a few hundred people through a multi-day program. You guys aced it – thanks for the fantastic experience! We at C3 International are looking forward to the next event.   Norman Garrett Executive VP, C3 International

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