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The 2024 Coker Impact Award

Who Will it Be?

RefComm is proud to announce the inaugural Coker Impact Award at RefComm Galveston this year. The Coker Impact Award is given in recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to the coker industry, demonstrating exceptional commitment, expertise, and leadership. This year’s honoree is an individual whose dedication to the field is unparalleled.

Beyond their consistent presence, the awardee has played a pivotal role in championing safety within their company. By implementing innovative safety protocols and fostering a culture of vigilance, they have set new standards in workplace safety, significantly reducing incidents, and promoting a safer working environment for all employees. This achievement speaks volumes about their dedication to the well-being of their colleagues and their proactive approach to risk management.

Furthermore, the recipient’s contribution extends beyond the confines of their organization. They have generously shared their vast experience and expertise with numerous other sites around the world, offering guidance, training, and support to help improve safety and operational efficiencies. This spirit of collaboration and mentorship has had a profound impact on the global coker community, elevating practices and fostering a more interconnected and knowledgeable industry network.

The Coker Impact Award celebrates not only the professional achievements of the awardee but also their exceptional character. By going above and beyond their daily responsibilities, they have exemplified leadership, generosity, and a deep commitment to the betterment of the industry. It is with great pride that we recognize their contributions and celebrate their enduring impact on the coker community.

The recipient of this year’s award has attended RefComm Galveston every year since 2001. This remarkable streak underscores not only their loyalty to the event, but also their unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments and trends.

The Coker Impact Award will be announced Wednesday, May 1, 2024, following the plenary session,  right before the morning break. 

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