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MOV Problems

ELECTRIC MOTOR OPERATED VALVE PROBLEMS have been well documented for many years, but still occur at most facilities far too often.  There are solutions out there to almost all MOV problems, but it can be difficult to enact them due to cost, configuration, or culture.

We’d like to share with you three simple, inexpensive steps that should be in place on all Delayed Coker structures.

We are polling the Refining Community to find out where the issues are with MOVs. From the survey results, we will recommend solutions, engage suppliers to deal with bad actors and develop better technologies.

3 Steps to Limiting Motor Operated Valve (MOV) ProblemsAfter taking the survey, you will receive the link to Limiting MOV Problems.

Interlock logic can (and will) be bypassed, equipment will fail, operators won’t always be on top of their game.  These three cheap and simple steps can play a significant role in minimizing the impact of problems.

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Posted by: Charlie Smith

Charlie received his initial education in Electrical and Electronic Theory and Application from the US Air Force AETC, Biloxi, Mississippi. After completing 4 years of military service, he spent the next several years maintaining radar, communication, and navigation systems. In 1985 Charlie became the President of Harbor Electronics in Blaine, Washington until joining the Instrument & Electrical Reliability group at the ARCO (now BP) Cherry Point Refinery in Washington State in 1991. While working in the Cherry Point Refinery Charlie had a broad range of responsibilities with Instrumentation and Electrical systems. He helped author the site I&E Mechanical Integrity Policy, the Electrical Safety Policy, and in developing critical instrument PMs. Charlie developed routes, frequencies, and testing methods for predictive and preventive maintenance of motors, transformers, MCCs, and other plant electrical equipment. He has participated in all phases of substation construction from design to commissioning, and developed material and taught Primary and Advanced Power Distribution classes to Cherry Point I&E personnel.

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