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Shell Pernis Solvent Deasphalter

Shell Commissions Solvent Deasphalter at Pernis Refinery to Increase Production of More and Cleaner Fuels.

Shell has safely commissioned a solvent deasphalter (SDA) unit on 8 October, 2018 at its Pernis refinery, the first major investment at the site since 2011. The new unit enables Pernis to process a larger proportion of its oil intake into cleaner transport fuels, including marine gasoil compliant with IMO 2020.

The SDA unit further enhances the performance and competitiveness of Pernis, and at the same time, reduces the environmental impact of the product portfolio.

“Shell’s Pernis refinery is now ready to meet the anticipated demand growth for cleaner transport fuels that will help keep Europe’s people and economy moving. This unit pushes the boundaries of refining technology, seamlessly integrating with almost every part of the site to unlock the full value of each barrel of oil.” said Robin Mooldijk, Executive Vice President for Manufacturing.

The new, ten storey tall, SDA unit processes heavy fuels to clean middle distillates and provides increased crude flexibility, allowing Pernis to adjust operations to meet market demands and capture higher margins. It does not affect processing capacity.

Shell used a modular approach to construct the new SDA unit, which helped accelerate the project’s timeline and reduce costs. Process modules were constructed in China, shipped to Rotterdam and then integrated on site. In addition, Shell safely installed the SDA unit during schedule maintenance activity, minimizing disruptions to operations.

Shell’s Refining & Trading strategy is to continue capturing the most competitive margins by safely increasing both intake and processing flexibility at our refineries, as well as improving operational efficiency, reliability and environmental performance.

(Shell press release)

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