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Solvent Deasphalting/ solvent deasphalters/ solvent de-asphalters and its variations are trademarked by several licensors and are known by various names.

LicensorTrademarked Name
KBRROSE® Licensed in 1979 by Kerr-McGee, acquired by KBR in 1955.
UOP / Wood Amec Foster WheelerUOP/FW-SDA™, SDA-RT. UOP and FosterWheeler merged their technologies in 1996.
McDermott (CLG)SDA
Pörner GroupSDA Plus
LOTOS solvent de-asphalter (SDA) Solvent Deasphalting
Solvent Deasphalting 101Solvent Deasphalting 101
RefComm® Solvent Deasphalting (SDA) user communitySolvent De-asphalting Community (User Group)
RefComm® Galveston Solvent Deasphalting ConferenceRefComm® Galveston Solvent Deasphalting Conference
Shell Pernis Solvent DeasphalterShell Pernis SDA
SDA trademarks, licensors and acronymsSDA licensors

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Posted by: Paul R Orlowski

Paul Orlowski is General Manager for the Refining Community which includes,,, Resid Hydrocracking and SDA. They consult at refineries around the world. They've hosted 36 technical conferences around the globe, trained 1,000's and completed very beneficial consulting and troubleshooting projects. Paul co-founded Inc in 1998 with Gary Pitman. Evan Hyde later joined the team. Besides being an educator and software applications engineer, he worked 18 years at ARCO and BP refineries near Seattle, WA USA. Previously he worked for Science Applications International Corporation and Dealer Information Systems. In 2019 look for #RefComm Galveston Coking | CatCracking | Resid Hydrocracking and RefComm® Rotterdam Coking | CatCracking. In 2020 Galveston; Gdansk, Poland and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Singapore.

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