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Newsletter – September 13th Issue

women in refining

Women in Refining: Valeska Chwoschtschinsky

Her love for a good challenge is what lured Valeska Chwoschtschinsky to the refining industry, but a strong sense of community is what keeps her in it. As the Business Development Manager for MOGAS Industries with ten years of experience in the refining industry….

Fall Safety Tips for Refiners

As astounding as it sounds, falls are the #1 cause of death in the workplace, and 14% of injuries on the job are fall-related.If you work in areas higher than 4 feet above a lower level, you will need to receive additional training in personal fall arrest equipment and fall prevention systems. 

Optimizing Spray Nozzle and Injector Selection in FCCU Applications
Learn How Decarbonization Will Impact the Long Term Sulfur Market

How Decarbonization Will Impact the Long Term Sulfur Market – Free Webinar

The long-term outlook for sulfur will be influenced from a number of directions by global decarbonization efforts. Changing feedstocks and utilization rates in hydrocarbon processing sectors will impact by-product supply of sulfur whilst metals processing and long term need for fertilizer use in agriculture will boost consumption. This webinar will explore…

delayed coker

Bottom Un-heading Device (BUD) Troubleshooting

The traditional method of coke drum un-heading devices or valves was manual operations, and the un-heading valve body is equipped with body steam purge, upper & lower seat steam purges to prevent VR / Coke ingress into the valve cavity. The manual operation of BUD or BUV is labor intensive and a little unsafe. The un-heading valve is for ON / OFF non-throttling service…

Keynote speaker

Benefits and Challenges of Filter Cleaning in rFCCU and FCCU Processing Applications

Essential to re-using metal filters is understanding cleaning methods for removing asphaltenes, organics, and inorganic catalysts fines/sulfur from metal filters, along with, testing methods that quantify the media cleanliness. Bringing the filter media matrix back to a ‘like new’ condition will minimize or eliminate the typical issues related to inadequate cleaning. Effective cleaning & testing will also reduce costs associated with spare filter inventory purchases, along with, the economics of optimizing on-stream life and minimizing unplanned shutdowns.

How to Improve Cutting/Quench Water Quality and Prevent Failures: Full length webinar recording

After watching this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into the management of water quality in the delayed coking process. The information shared will encompass real-world experiences from commercial units across the globe, offering practical solutions and highlighting industry best practices. With a comprehensive understanding of water quality management, attendees will be equipped to optimize their operations, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and enhance the overall…

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