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Benefits and Challenges of Filter Cleaning in rFCCU and FCCU Processing Applications

This full-length webinar was given a couple years ago by Sue Reynolds of Carolina Filters and Patrick Hill of Mott Corporation. We thought it was so good we wanted to share it again here.

Essential to re-using metal filters is understanding cleaning methods for removing asphaltenes, organics, and inorganic catalysts fines/sulfur from metal filters, along with, testing methods that quantify the media cleanliness. Bringing the filter media matrix back to a ‘like new’ condition will minimize or eliminate the typical issues related to inadequate cleaning. Effective cleaning & testing will also reduce costs associated with spare filter inventory purchases, along with, the economics of optimizing on-stream life and minimizing unplanned shutdowns. Information from Case Studies noting improved on-line performance resulting in increased production with cost savings will be provided. This presentation provides information on the challenges and benefits of filter cleaning in FCCU & rFCCU applications.

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