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Learn How Decarbonization Will Impact the Long Term Sulfur Market

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The long-term outlook for sulfur will be influenced from a number of directions by global decarbonization efforts. Changing feedstocks and utilization rates in hydrocarbon processing sectors will impact by-product supply of sulfur whilst metals processing and long term need for fertilizer use in agriculture will boost consumption. Watch this free, full length webinar which explores whether sulfur shortages are a question of an if or when scenario for the world.

About the Speaker

Peter Harrisson, Principal Analyst, Sulfur & Sulfuric Acid, CRU Group

Peter has worked on CRU’s Sulfur and Sulfuric Acid analysis since joining the company in early 2011 and is the head of the Sulfur team. He also works across other nutrient areas, including both marketing and cost analysis. Prior to joining CRU, Peter completed a PhD in Industrial Chemistry at Durham University.

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2 responses to “Learn How Decarbonization Will Impact the Long Term Sulfur Market”

  1. KANZEU KATUKU Kelly says:

    Interested by this work shope.

  2. MJ Sastry says:

    Refineries spends lots of money in removing sulfur,by establishing hydrogen plant,make hydrogen sulfide,absorb in MEA and regenerate hydrogen sulfide make sulfur- then market it they simply burn to sulfur dioxide then to sufur trioxide vanadiam Penta oxide,add Water sulfur of 32 wtto 98 mol wt sulfuric acid,try to make joint venture with sulfric acid manufacturers reduce costs of operations

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