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The Troubleshooting Guide – A Tool for Maintaining Smooth Operation

Training new console and field operators can be challenging. It is often difficult to ensure that all common operational problems are covered. A key tool to be used both in training and in day-to-day operations is a troubleshooting guide (TSG).


A TSG is operations support document that provides the operator with a systematic method of identifying, understanding and reacting to problems that occur in a facility, whether as simple as a high level, temperature or pressure, or as complex as an evaluation of product composition that is out of spec.

The guide usually follows a specific pattern that provides a common format that an operator can understand, utilize and be comfortable with. For each situation, it identifies probable causes and corrective actions the operator should consider.

The key to a successful TSG is to proactively identify the problems that can plague an operation and provide a complete family of solutions. At 2am on Sunday morning, when the plant’s technical staff is home in bed, your console operator will be thankful to have the TSG document at hand!

To learn more about how to create a successful TSG, visit Job Performance Systems at booth# 44 during RefComm Galveston 2016 or email



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