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SRU Testing


Testing is critical in determining the overall work performance of the sulfur recovery unit. Test results can be used by engineers to identify any operational problems and where improvement is required.

To achieve greater sulfur recovery in existing plants, actual performance testing of the Sulfur Recovery Unit should be evaluated to determine the current operating condition and what improvements are needed. Most of these tests are being conducted onsite to assist the Operators and Engineers handle operation problems and low sulfur recovery. Also, test results can be beneficial for plants who want to optimize their SRU.

The performance evaluation determines the current plant performance and identifies factors or problems that are present to current levels. Also helps to determine the plant capability if both operational and equipment limitations are eliminated and the steps required to eliminate them.

It is recommended that Sulfur Plant be tested at least once a year.

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  1. inshansre says:

    Performance evaluations can provide excellent recommendations on improving the operations of the unit and mitigating any costly unplanned shutdowns. Conducting these reviews on an annual basis, ensures that you will attain the maximum recovery efficiency on a regular basis.

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