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Resid Hydrocracking Expert Joins RefComm® Team

Rick Manner, Resid Hydrocracking Expert

We are excited to announce the addition of Richard Manner to RefComm® Galveston. Richard will serve as emcee for our Resid Hydrocracking program, new to the conference lineup this year, using his extensive knowledge and experience in RHC to ensure this new program is a huge success.

Richard is a creative thinker and idea generator with more than 35 years of progressive consulting experience within the refining industry. He has technical expertise in Hydrocracking, Hydrotreating, Hydrogen Manufacturing, Reforming and Isomerization, as well as various synthetic fuel processes such as Fischer-Tropsch, Coal Liquefaction and Shale Oil upgrading.

Richard has participated in more than 100 Profit Improvement Programs. He has successfully reviewed countless refinery expansion projects and developed reduced cost/higher value expansion alternatives that more fully utilized both new and existing facilities.

Richard is a graduate of MIT with both a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering.  He worked at Exxon Research and Engineering (1979-1986) and KBC Advanced Technologies (1987-2015).

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