RefComm Gdańsk 2020

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Training, Conference, and Exhibition

Gdańsk, Poland | Autumn 2020

Delayed Coking | Fluid Catalytic Cracking | Resid HydroCracking

RefComm is recognized worldwide as the premier global conference in delayed coking, fluid catalytic cracking, and residue hydrocracking. Let’s find out why!

RefComm Gdańsk 2020 kicks off on 5 October 2020, with two optional days of training. RefComm prides itself in targeting and supporting engineers, operators, maintenance and managers of these process units. RefComm Gdańsk deals with production goals, leading-edge technology, environmental regulations, revamps, and maintaining equipment.

RefComm’s worldwide training success comes from open discussion, in a way not possible at other conferences, with expert vendors and EPC’s in the fine details of these processes and equipment.
RefComm Gdańsk 2020 jumps into the Conference and Exhibit on 7 October and 8 October. See the latest technologies! Talk with vendors, masters in their trade and equipment! (Explore these conference videos.) Send your team to bring back and share the knowledge they need to be safe, efficient and productive.

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