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RefComm® Exhibitor Video Series: Presenting Your Best Self


This is an important one. Don’t sit in your booth on  your computer or phone during networking exhibition times. This can make you seem unapproachable, and honestly – your smile is nicer than the top of your head. Remember, you only have a few seconds opportunity to engage a potential customer, so make the best of it.

Don’t wait for the attendees to come to you, go to them. Walk around the hall and talk to people, then invite them back to your booth for more information or a handout.

How many times have you been in a store and the clerk didn’t even acknowledges you being there? How did that make you feel? Warm and fuzzy or unwelcome?

It’s the same thing at your exhibit booth.

Take a look around, great people. Say hello, make eye contact. Smile.

I get it, you get 200 emails a day and they all need your attention. Your normal work doesn’t stop just because you’re exhibiting. 

BUT, you are at RefComm® for a reason. To connect and meet customers. Watch the video for more. And please excuse the cheese. 🙂


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Posted by: Marlea Stockenberg

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