The Role of Solvent De-Asphalting (SDA) in Refining

Presented By

Sim Romero - Becht Engineering

Conference: Global 2020

The presentation will give an overview of the history of the technology and how it is different than fractionation. Examples of SDA yields and product qualities will be illustrated. How the SDA process fits into the modern refinery and how this technology can add value in particular refinery configurations. A discussion on the product qualities from a SDA unit and the challenges for downstream processing of the DAO and Pitch. Finally a brief discussion on the impact of an SDA operations has on refinery economics.

  • General Background – what is solvent de-asphalting
    • Old school process and modern approaches
    • Typical yields for a few selected feeds
  • Where does this fit into the refinery
    • Method for lifting more material out of the bottom of the barrel
    • DAO quality and downstream processing
    • Asphalt or pitch and downstream processing
  • How can this expand or compliment a refineries economics
    • Limited Vacuum capacity
    • DAO fed to a HGO HDS or Hydrocracker
    • Pitch fed to the delayed coker
  • Pros and Cons of the SDA economics
    • High energy costs
    • Severe feed quality in both the DAO and Pitch
    • Delayed Coker Issues with Pitch – things to consider
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