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SRU-TGTU Analyzer Best Practices

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Randy Hauser - Ametek Process Instruments


A look at best practices and process upsets around eight (8) analyzer tags in the SRU and tail gas treating unit (TGTU). The H2S/SO2 tail gas analyzer is the one common element in any SRU and receives the most attention from operations. Heat integrity of the sample system being the most important reliability factor. The response from tail gas analyzer is dynamic and normally quite predictable except in gross upset or start-up condition with presentation of some real life examples

Acid gas analysis / Feed forward control, a relatively new concept with benefits for TGTU operation will be discussed in detail. The three (possible) TGTU analyzer locations and Pit gas applications have process data that are static in nature such that process upsets are often met with disbelief and examples are presented for these. Time permitting anecdotal information on SO2 CEMS and O2 start-up will be covered as well.

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