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Roundtable: Coker Yields, Chemical Additives, and Data Mining

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James Noland - Dorf Ketal Chemicals LLC


Dorf Ketal has developed innovative technology that improves liquid yield and reduces coke yield of the delayed coking process without changing coke morphology. The amount of coke yield reduction and net liquid yield increase is 1% to 3%. The presentation focuses on data mining techniques used to quantify the impact of the additive in field applications.

Measuring Yield Shifts with Statistical Confidence

A refiner’s analysis: A review is provided on how to perform pilot plant or commercial plant testing to determine if a ‘significant’ shift in yields has occurred. The presentation shows how to establish the unit’s standard deviation (σ) for liquid yields, establish the acceptable margin of error (based on breakeven economics) and calculate statistically how many valid samples are needed to obtain a result with 95% confidence.

A round table of experts make a series of brief presentations on a key topic. Then the audience is welcome to ask the panel questions, with discussion and collaboration from the experts.

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