Panaflow HT. Measure at extreme temperatures and reduce your expenses on shut downs, maintenance, and calibration

Presented By

Theodorus Bertels - Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Conference: Rotterdam 2019

Measure at extreme temperatures and reduce your expenses on shut down, maintenance and calibration.

PanaFlow HT is a SIL-rated flow meter used for flow measurement of liquids in either nominal or extremely high or low process temperatures. It is the first ultrasonic flow meter to receive SIL (Safety Integrity Level) certification. As a safety flow meter, or coker flow meter, the PanaFlow HT SIL flow meter is designed for use in safety critical applications where reliability ensures reduction in risk to personnel, to plant assets, to the environment and to corporate reputation. It also brings advantages to any non-safety critical application where reliable ultrasonic flow measurement is required

The presentation will focus on a challenging refinery application: the Delayed Coker where a high temperature sticky fluid has to be measured. At startup or shut down the fluid is highly viscous. Attention will be given to the current technologies available.  We will go into the design details that allow measurement at extreme temperatures and the additional advantages Ultrasonic flow measurement brings.

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