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Octane Boost and Capacity Increase for Hydrotreated Naphtha

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Brant Aggus - INVISTA


Octane Boost and Capacity Increase for Hydrotreated Naphtha

FCC Gasoline Hydrotreaters effectively reduce sulfur content to meet ever-tightening gasoline specifications. They also reduce octane through hydrogenation of high-octane olefins. INVISTA is now offering a commercially demonstrated technology to minimize this octane loss using a proprietary solvent extraction technology. The technology sweetens the thiophene-rich middle cut of the gasoline, which can then bypass hydrotreating, freeing up ~30% capacity in the hydrotreater and reducing the Octane loss to < 1 octane number. The sweetened product can be further upgraded to increase aromatics content in gasoline.

Brant Aggus - INVISTAMr. Aggus is a Refining Technologist for INVISTA Performance Technologies, responsible for development and support for INVISTA’s current and future licensed refining innovations, primarily focusing on optimizing gasoline blending pool size, sulfur, and octane. Mr. Aggus has previously been a presenter at RPTM-Mumbai, and an AFPM Hydroprocessing Technology Group panelist. His article, “Octane Upgrading Technology to Boost the Value of Light Paraffinic Feeds,” co-authored with Mike Massa, was published in the January 2019 issue of Hydrocarbon Processing. Mr. Aggus holds a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering, and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

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