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Next Generation Delayed Coker Vessel Repair Technologies

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Pedro Amador - AZZ WSI B.V.

Yelena Rojas Yoris - AZZ WSI B.V.


common upper knuckle cracking

DCU support skirt bulging in combination with skirt-to-vessel attachment degradation can present a challenging repair scenario. This presentation will describe a skirt replacement scope completed in the fall of 2018. This unique skirt upgrade included several innovative techniques to overcome the existing technical challenges. The presentation will detail a first-of-its-kind repair design and execution strategy created in cooperation between the customer and AZZ Specialty Welding for the successful execution of the repair.

The presentation will cover the use of laser mapping techniques to provide pre-shutdown data that was utilized to determine ideal cut lines for new skirt components as well as a novel approach to field fabricate a new vessel to skirt attachment knuckle to replace damaged material.

Pedro Amador, AZZ WeldingPedro Amador is a Mechanical / Machine Design Engineer who has held a number of technical leadership roles with AZZ Specialty Welding (formerly WSI) over 29 years. 

Pedro has been involved in the development and implementation of repair processes that provide energy customers with options to extend the life of plant equipment. He has developed machine welding automation and field robotic repair processes that are now commonly used in the oil & gas refining, power generation and petrochemical industries.

In his current role as VP of Business Development & Technology, Pedro leads a delayed coker specialties team focused on the development of new technology solutions and providing repair options to the refining community and extend the life of these vessels in their harsh operating environment.

Yelena Rojas - AZZYelena Rojas has worked in Industrial Maintenance for more than 12 years. She received a degree in Materials Science Engineering from USB University in Venezuela and a Ph.D. from Surface Engineering Institute at RWTH Aachen University in Germany.

In 2011 Yelena joined the AZZ family as Regional Sales Manager, before going to Technical Support, and then Sales Director of Europe. The focus of her work in the coming years will be as Director of Business Development & Technology in a broader region.

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