Mejores Practicas en Paradas de Planta Seguridad y Tiempo

Presented By

Martha Smith - ZymeFlow

Conference: Rio de Janiero 2014

Safety and speed: two of the most significant factors when judging the success of a refinery or vessel turnaround. However, completing any part of a turnaround quickly and safely can be very challenging.

This presentation will examine best practices for preparing vessels for entry, one of the first stages in a turnaround, to successfully stay on or ahead of schedule while creating a safe environment for maintenance throughout the scope of the project. Keys to success will be covered including pre turnaround planning, available methods, and proper testing to ensure success before entering the unit.

All contaminants can be potentially dangerous however, this presentation will focus on two of the most problematic when working in FCC and coker units: hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and pyrophoric iron sulfide (pyrophorics). One of the most dangerous threats when operating in both FCC and coker units especially in Latin America is H2S since it is immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH). A comparison on methods to eliminate H2S and their effects on the environment, timeline, and safety will be made.

A case study on a refinery in Latin America will follow, including the scope of work, specific concerns, past procedures, methods are chosen, and the results of the project with lessons learned. Pyrophoric iron sulfide is another area of concern for any refinery, especially when opening units and exposing the internals to oxygen after months or years of production. As crude slates continue to change and get heavier in nature, pyrophoric concerns also rise, especially in FCC and coker units.

A discussion on how to treat pyrophorics will be conducted including a case study highlighting a large FCC unit with a history of fires. Further discussion will involve how to prepare such units for a turnaround or maintenance work, eliminate the contaminants and what testing can be done before entry.

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