Maximize Performance of your FCC Unit using Unconventional Solutions

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Evae Andersson - Alfa Laval

Conference: Valencia 2018

Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangerSince the beginning of 1990’s, Alfa Laval has been involved in supporting FCC operators improve the performance of their units by using unconventional heat exchanger solutions. Solutions provided have been targeting:

  • Eliminating slurry/decant oil fouling by using Spiral heat exchangers for R/D cooling or energy recovery (unit feed preheating and/or steam generation) from reflux streams
  • Maximizing energy efficiency by recovering energy from low grade / high energy sources such as main fractionator OVHD vapor, using high efficient plate heat exchanger technology
  • Overcome summer time bottlenecks and/or avoid investment in chiller systems by maximizing cooling of light HC streams using plate heat exchanger technology or wet surface air coolers
  • Increase plant reliability by cost-efficient material upgrading in highly efficient heat exchanger solutions

Based on these high-value solutions, there is today more than 50 Spiral heat exchangers operating in FCC slurry services and at least the same number of welded plate heat exchangers operating in FCC main fractionator OVHD systems. In this presentation, we will share real case stories of such installations, including pay-back time and performance data.

Evae Anderson - Alfa Laval

About Evae Andersson:

  • M.Sc. Chemical Engineering from McGill University, Canada and Lund University, Sweden.
  • Twenty years working experience with Alfa Laval as Heat Exchanger expert within various industries.
    • Global market development & support manager for Refinery Business, 2006-2008
    • Regional Refinery Manager for South East Asia located in Singapore. 2008-2012
    • Global Business Development Manager for Aromatic Business, 2013
    • Global Marketing Manager for Refinery Business, 2014-present

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