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IMI Z&J: State of the Art Delayed Coking Unheading Technology

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Reiner Mehr - IMI Z&J


courtesy of IMI Z&JFor Delayed Coking Operators increasingly stringent safety and environmental regulations apply. The careful selection of key equipment is not only critical to ensure a reliable and safe process but also to maximize up-time and to meet the requirements in the most cost-effective way.

In this presentation, we focus on the Double Disc Delayed Coking Unheading Technology. Based on our deep expertise and experience of the Delayed Coking process we have designed the most robust, safe and cost-effective solution for this complex and challenging application.

The double discs provide the highest safety level of any design. Compared to a single gate valve a double disc valve offers the advantage of ultra-low steam consumption and longer lifetime. This makes the double disc design not only the safest but also the most cost-effective plant life solution for automatic coke drum unheading.

Reiner Mehr-IMI Z&JReiner is an Application Manager with 14 years of experience covering various positions in heating industries, utilities, petrochemicals, and refining business. Besides valve technology, Reiner dealt also with various rotating equipment (centrifugal gas compressors for refinery applications, steam and gas turbines). Reiner holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich, Germany.IMI-Z-J

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