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Hurricane Harvey: Shutdown and Startup

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Ron Pitman - Motiva Port Arthur


Motiva Port Arthur Refinery was impacted by Hurricane Harvey in 2018.  We received 6 to 10 feet of water in some part of the refinery. The Sulfur Facilities at Port Arthur Refinery have two distinct areas, SBU1 and SBU2.  SBU1 is the older Sulfur Facilities while SBU2 was started up in 2012. All of the Sulfur Facilities were shutdown with Hurricane Harvey. The SBU1 units were shutdown first due to the more severe impacts of the flood waters with SBU2 following behind.  Each of the units were successfully shutdown, swept, repaired where needed, and restarted in the following weeks after the hurricane. The successful safe shutdown/repairs/restart without significant equipment damage, catalyst damage, or HSSE events is a testimony to the hard work and professionalism of the Motiva Port Arthur Refinery team.

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