FCC Valve Stuffing Box: From Design Best Practice to Field Troubleshooting

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Andrea Pusceddu - IMI Remosa

Conference: Valencia 2018

courtesy of IMI RemosaThe stem stuffing box is one of the most critical components of an FCC valve, due the combined action of extreme temperature and erosive action of the catalyst. A large amount of operational problems can however avoided with a careful design, a precise commissioning of the system and a preemptive maintenance. This presentation will address in details the design principles, providing recommendation about the field installation and setup, and showing the latest IMI Remosa technologies in the field of the preemptive diagnostic of the stuffing box malfunction.

Andrea Pusceddu - IMI RemosaAndrea Pusceddu is the Technical Director at IMI Remosa and he has been with Remosa for 18 years.

Andrea holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cagliari University. In his free time Andrea enjoys traveling with the family, reading and practicing biking and running with questionable performances.

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