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FCC Reactor Overhead Line Vapor Isolation Valve

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Freddie Gines - IMI Z&J - Houston TX


FCC Reactor Overhead Line Valve Installation - IMI Z&JIMI-Z&J has a technology that will improve safety and operational excellence of existing and new catalytic cracking units by providing reliable isolation of the reactor vessel from the fractionator column. This can be done without the need of putting personnel in the line of fire during one of the most dangerous operations required to shut the unit down. Installing this valve reduces the overall time of fractionator isolation from hours to minutes. The Overhead Vapor Isolation is a custom designed valve providing this capability without increasing the complexity of unit operations through several key design features.

Safety is at the top of our list at IMI-Z&J and all considerations have been made to prevent accidental stroking through the use of lockout pins, interlocks or any other safety item requested by our clients.

Freddie Gines - IMI Z&JFreddie Gines is the Applications Manager – North America for IMI Critical Engineering based in Houston, TX with Zimmermann & Jansen, Inc. (IMI Z&J). He began working with IMI Z&J as a Project Engineer also holding the roles of Project Manager and Regional Sales Manager. While away from the office Freddie enjoys completing various woodworking projects and volunteering. Most importantly, he loves spending time with his wife and two young children.

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