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Equipment to Improve the Safety and Reliability in FCC Units

Presented By

Andrea Pusceddu - IMI Critical Engineering


Refiners are under constant pressure to improve the performance, flexibility, lifetime and reliability of the FCC units which play a key role in the refiners’ profitability. Now more than ever, it is important for the refineries to extend lengths of time between turnarounds with equipment reliability and consistent operations. IMI Remosa and IMI Z&J have successfully designed, manufactured and installed many solutions that have become strategic for safety, reliability, flexibility, and the ability to provide consistent operation advantages to FCC systems.
Our technical presentation is aimed at highlighting the undeniable advantages of using the following products and new technologies on the Flue Gas line:

  1. Two Port Diverter Valve to replace the existing seal pots to ensure extraordinary operational continuity and reliability combined with a radical reduction of operational and maintenance costs.
  2. Flue Gas CO Boiler Isolation and By Pass Solutions
  3. Flue Gas Scrubber Isolation and By Pass Solutions
  4. Electrostatic Filters Precipitator Isolation and By Pass Solution

Andrea Pusceddu IMI RemosaAndrea Pusceddu is Technical Director at IMI Remosa, and he has been with the company for 19 years. Andrea joined IMI Remosa as Design Engineer for Valves, with a focus on mechanical design, structural analysis and Finite Elements Analysis. Later, he also gained experience in the field support and troubleshooting of FCC valves and Control Systems. Currently, he coordinates the entire engineering team at IMI Remosa, for both Valves and Actuation Systems. Andrea holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cagliari University.

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