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Decoking with RUHRPUMPEN – Reliable, Safe, Automatic

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Dr. Wolfgang Paul - RUHRPUMPEN


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Ruhrpumpen developed a system with many features to perform a reliable and safe decoking process. Ruhrpumpen provides a system on a high safety level with very good drilling and cutting performance.


The basic targets for a good decoking system are:

Decoking System

The Ruhrpumpen Auto-switch Tool is a key component to reduce manual interaction to decoke a drum, but it is not the only one.

The decoking system itself is grouped with components as follows

The main components are known, but the features and options bring the difference.

Ruhrpumpen support matrix

Ruhrpumpen developed a support matrix for special components and calculations, which could be related to the decoking system.

The extended RP decoking system includes

   The system includes a set of vibration and acoustic instruments, connected to the PLC system

   Data measurement: Following data will be measured and provided

– does the water jet hit the wall

– does the coke fall out

– procedures to control hoist operation

– procedures to avoid overloading of crushers

– procedures to avoid stuck tools

– Remote operator panel

– Operator consoles for automatic coke cutting

Ruhrpumpen provides a system of calculation programs

Ruhrpumpen Auto Tool

Ruhrpumpen developed the known RUHRPUMPEN Auto Tool with these features


Ruhrpumpen provides a modern cutting system to meet the actual conditions for modern cokers as well as to upgrade existing cokers. Remote and automatic coke cutting is a standard option for every Ruhrpumpen decoking system, running in several locations.



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