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Coking and Fouling on DCUs – Locations and Solutions

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Mitchell Moloney - Resid Upgrading Specialist and Engineering Consultant, PE


delayed coker oil refining

This presentation focuses on where coking and fouling can occur on Delayed Cokers and what solutions can be applied.  Issues covered include the Resid Feed System, Main Fractionator bottoms, heater charge pumps and piping, furnace, transfer line to coke drums, coke drums, coke drum vapor lines to MF and BD, Main Frac above flash zone, Blowdown contactor, BD fin fan condensers, BD 3-phase separator, wet gas compressor system, Fractionating Absorber tower(s), Sponge Absorber, MEA gas treater, LPG fractionator, Debutanizer and its reboiler.

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