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BLAC Inc. New Division for FCCU / RFCCU Valve Systems

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Philip Black - BLAC INC.


Courtesy of Blac Inc.
BLAC INC. started building FCCU specialty valves in 2016 and is supplying the valves with the long term expertise in the actuator business. The marketplace has moved from a total number of 5 valve suppliers to 2 valve suppliers with one supplier that is regional in the world. Therefore, BLAC INC. was requested to get into the valve marketplace and we have done so with great success.

Philip Black, Blac Inc. - presenter at RefComm Budapest 2017
Philip Black is currently the managing director of BLAC INC., an industrial supplier of FCCU valves and actuation systems servicing the power generation, pipeline and refinery markets.

Philip has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. In 1977. Since then has worked in the FCCU business market for M.W. Kellogg (now called Kellogg Brown and Root) from 1977. In 1982, he joined MEA,. Inc. and worked in sales selling electro-hydraulic actuators. In 1990, he started BLAC INC. to provide electro-hydraulic actuator systems for the power generation and refining marketplaces.

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