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An Approach to Engineered Temporary Revamps

Presented By

Massimo Capra - Aggreko


engineered temporary revamps FCCDuring summer time, as the air temperature increases and the air density drops, the FCC Main Air Blower reduces the air mass flow rate it can compress to the regenerator. At maximum volumetric capacity the blower is experiencing increasing shaft vibrations while the required air mass flow rate to sustain full capacity is not reached yet. In order to sustain capacity and reduced shaft vibration the MAB inlet air was refrigerated. Depending on air inlet temperature (refrigeration) the regeneration capacity can be increased up to 7%; for this case study the desired air inlet temperature generated a production gain of about 4%.

The case study, design basis and technical performances of the cooling system will be presented; and furthermore the gross marginal added value will be commented upon for this case study. In conclusion some short general considerations on engineered temporary cooling solutions in refineries will be presented.

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