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Parco Dubb’s Still

Following up on the podcast discussion about Dubb’s Still and the historical photo we found from the Parco refinery in Sinclair Wyoming. The amazing thing is some of this equipment still exist at the Sinclair refinery today. Clearly it is no longer in service but it is fun to imagine that existing operators of that refinery have a direct link to something so instrumental to the refinery process development over the years.

Sinclair parcostill

More information Candy found at the sites…
Wyoming Tales and Trails
Cracking Chemistry (Wikipedia)
Development of Oil Cracking (ACS)

For more information on both the companies discussed in the podcast, here are links to their corporate about pages
Sinclair Refining
LyondellBasel Refining

Do you have any historical photos or examples of original equipment that may interest people? Please send us that information to

2 responses to “Parco Dubb’s Still”

  1. Michael says:

    I would like to comment on Dubbs Process. Want to mention to him and readers that we (three from Mobil R&D Corp) in 1990 wrote article on FCC : “Innovative improvements highlight FCC’s past and future”. OGJ 08Jan1990, authors Amos Avidan, MEdwards (me) & Hartley Owen. Has drawing and photo of Dubbs’ Still. Started the history of cracking in 1913 with Burton’s Still, which predates Dubbs by a few years. Article includes McAfee, Houdry and many of the early developments in cracking. Interested readers may contact me for copy.

  2. Evan Hyde says:

    You are correct! Burton cracking does predate the Dubb’s. I was focusing on the Dubbs process because it more closely resembles the “modern” delayed coker. I would enjoy reading a copy of this paper. Can you email it to me at “evan at” Thanks

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Posted by: Evan Hyde

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