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Newsletter – October 11, 2023

Farmer Fixes

Farmer Fixes - delayed coking

One of the things that I’ve been seeing a lot in the past several years is what I like to refer to as “The Farmer Fix.”  The Farmer Fix is when hydraulics are leaky and somebody puts a five-gallon bucket underneath it.  It catches the drips that are flowing from there. Then the bucket overfills or we have a rain storm, and what does oil do in water? 

Women in Refining: Angie Slavens

Slavens headshot

After 27 years working in the industry, Angie has become adept at identifying missed opportunities in many of the plant configurations around the world. “While technically sound and capable of meeting product and emissions specifications, they are not always the most economically attractive,” she says.

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Optimizing and Improving FCCU Performance through SHARC, Shell’s FCC Kinetic Model

Shell has a complete portfolio of FCC licensed technology and services for third party clients which includes SHARC, Shell’s proprietary FCC kinetic model. Developed through decades of research and unit data, SHARC…

Plant and Instrument Air

Plant and instrument air

Instrument air is a critical service and operation reliability of its system components is extremely important. The dew point of instrument air at maximum operating pressure shall be lower with 10°C that the lowest expected ambient temperature for the air system…

Keynote speaker

CFD Simulation of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Desulfurization Using Ionic Liquids and Graphene Oxide Membrane

In an oil refinery, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) can be generated from various sources during the processing of crude oil. Some of the major sources…

Free Webinar: Learn How Decarbonization Will Impact the Long Term Sulfur Market

The long-term outlook for sulfur will be influenced from a number of directions by global decarbonization efforts. Changing feedstocks and utilization rates in hydrocarbon processing sectors will impact by-product…

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