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Newsletter – February 21, 2024

Women in Refining: Melanie Purvis

Melanie Purvis

Her advice to women entering the refining field now? “Do not let people’s narrow-mindedness lessen the way you function and do your job. People are watching and listening though you may not think so. It is important to keep your sense of humor and have some fun.”

The Equilon Refinery Coking Plant Accident

Equilon Refinery Fire

Early one morning, high winds caused a power outage and hot coke became trapped…An outline of the 1998 accident and its causes, consequences and costs will be given, together with some discussion about the potential underlying management failings.

Double Whammy at RefComm: Two Keynote Talks by Leaders in Refining & Chemical Safety

operator training

Staffing changes as a result of the Pandemic resulted in the loss of decades of legacy knowledge across the operating plant. Operations and maintenance staff are no longer present to offer guidance. At the same time the refinery margins are at an all time high as is the desire to be as safe as possible, pushing on stream operation on both rates and in-service time. Now more than ever it is necessary and important to review procedures, operator training, and maintenance programs…

The Coker Safety Group: An Industry Forum for DCU Safety

delayed coker

The primary focus of the Coker Safety Group (CSG) is to provide a technical forum to help ensure that individual delayed coking units are operating in the safest manner possible. Founded in 2019, this group meets face-to-face each year in a highly confidential, closed-door setting, usually on the last day of RefComm Galveston. The group focuses on issues like plant safety, risk assessments, process monitoring, startup and shutdown guidelines and safety systems.

ECHO as a Zero-Emissions Process in DCUs

Watch the replay of this webinar presented by Art Envi Services which covers an intro to Environmental Coke Handling Operation (ECHO), challenges with traditional methods, equipment, safety aspects, revamps, and the economics. Simply click the link below, enter your contact information, and enjoy the presentation!

The Importance of Surveillance Rounds

There are millions of dollars worth of equipment out there running in the unit. Our jobs have gotten more administrative as time has gone on, but really the operators are there to monitor the hundreds of pumps, fans and instrumentation that are running continuously, as well as all the other things that could go wrong in the unit, including…

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