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The primary focus of the Coker Safety Group (CSG) is to provide a technical forum to help ensure that individual delayed coking units are operating in the safest manner possible. Founded in 2019, this group meets face-to-face each year in a highly confidential, closed-door setting, usually on the last day of RefComm Galveston. The group focuses on issues like plant safety, risk assessments, process monitoring, startup and shut down guidelines and safety systems. The goal of CSG is to share experiences, learn from others, and to develop innovative solutions on how to operate DCU facilities more safely and profitably. 

Past topics have included: 

2019 – Structure MOVs and Interlocks

2020 – Coke Drum Relief (PSV) Systems

2021 – Fired Heater BMS, Trip Logic, Online Spalling Design

2022 – Tarry Drum Scenarios and Management

2023 – Abnormal Cutting Situation Management

Because no one company can have complete knowledge of these plants, it is hoped that the collective experience of this group will help improve the safety of all DCU facilities.

To keep the group manageable, attendance is limited to one to three people from each operating company, preferably the internal DCU subject matter expert and/or discipline specialists relevant to the agenda. There is no fee to participate. 

This Year’s Topic

This in-person meeting will be held on Friday, May 3rd as part of the RefComm Galveston 2024 conference. The focus will be Shutdown Lessons Learned.

The safe shutdown of a refinery’s delayed coker unit is a complex, multistep procedure that ideally occurs infrequently. In a landscape marked by high rates of staff turnover, many operations and engineering teams may find themselves unfamiliar with the complete sequence of tasks required for a safe and effective shutdown. To address this challenge, the coker safety group is conducting a comprehensive workshop that seeks to consolidate and disseminate critical knowledge in this area. Drawing on an extensive review of best practices, case studies, and incident reports from delayed cokers around the globe, the workshop aims to provide a detailed roadmap for executing a shutdown safely and efficiently. This involves not only technical protocols but also human factors such as communication, decision-making, and training. Participants will gain practical insights into common pitfalls and challenges, as well as actionable recommendations for improving existing protocols. By fostering a culture of safety and continuous improvement, the workshop aims to equip operations and engineering teams with the tools and expertise needed to minimize risks and enhance overall operational integrity.

Suggested Discussion Topics

How To Participate

This is a closed-door session. No details are published or recorded, or shared outside of the meeting room. You must attend and take notes to get the information. As in years past, it is a closed-door meeting and requires an RSVP. All attendees are asked to participate in the discussion. Please contact Becky to RSVP and volunteer your presentation.

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