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Materials Handling Tips for Exhibitors at RefComm® Galveston

Exhibitor Tips for RefComm Vendors
Exhibitor Tips for RefComm Vendors

What is material handling?

Material handling is the process of receiving your shipment from your carrier and managing it throughout the event cycle. It is a standard trade show process and it is a chargeable fee, typically based on the weight of your shipment.

The material handling process includes:

Want lower charges?

Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate!

Skid items as much possible so that they are sure to arrive together. Each shipment that arrives at a separate time is assessed the minimum charge. Whether you decide to ship to the advance warehouse or directly to the show site, it is in your best interest to consolidate as much as possible.

Questions? Email Marlea. You can also visit the Exhibitor’s Portal for FAQs and the Exhibitor’s Corner page for more helpful vendor tips. Thanks and stay safe!

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