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A collection of interesting tidbits and breaking news happening in refineries around the globe.

OPEC Denies Access to Media

Access was denied to reporters representing Reuters, Bloomberg, and Wall Street Journal who were seeking to cover a meeting of oil CEOs and various stakeholders from OPEC. Source: BIC Magazine

Increased Demand Leads to Marathon’s Permit Request 

Post-COVID demand surges have Marathon Petroleum Co. seeking to operate its Detroit refinery at full capacity. Source: The Detroit News

Fire Investigation Update

The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) released an investigation update last month into its ongoing investigation of the chemical release and fire at the BP-Husky Refinery in Oregon, Ohio that occurred in 2022. The fire resulted in two fatalities. The update gives details about the investigation including a summary of the process upset that led to the incident, background on the refinery, and an outline of the CSB’s activities moving forward. Source: CSB

Is AI the Future of Refineries?

With the many challenges that refiners face today, AI may stand as one tool to help optimize processes in the unit. Source: Oilman Magazine

Poor returns lead Shell to refocus on oil

In the face of windfall returns from its oil and gas sector, Shell has reported it is scrapping or scaling back several of its alternative energy projects due to weak returns. Source: BIC Magazine 

Kuwait Starts Full Operation of its Al-Zour Refinery

The third and last distillation unit was commissioned by Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC), boosting the refinery to a max output of 615,000 bpd. Source: Oil and Gas

China leads Asia in FCCU output in 2022 

Among the eight top Asian nations for FCCU capacity in 2022, China led the way with 1,738 million barrels per day (mbd). Source: Offshore Technology

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