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RefComm Galveston Testimonials

Refiners and vendors discuss what keeps them coming back to our flagship event year after year…


This conference brings together people from all sides of the industry to one event. It is a great opportunity to meet people involved in all aspects of the industry. 

–Ben Belton, Technical Director

A remarkable platform for networking, meeting with suppliers and staying updated on latest industrial trends

–John Ding, R&D Engineer

Refcomm is a premier refining event at which everyone can learn and meet new people from all over the world. This is extremely important as the refining world shifts and new people come on board. It is an opportunity that should not be missed. 

— Mitch Moloney, Coking Consultant

Refcomm was a great opportunity to share experiences between refiners, to open our troubleshooting and best practices. The time with vendors was very useful to make contacts and try to bring to my company future projects, services and equipment changes. I hope to be at the next conference. 


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