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WHY SIL? – Use of SIL in the Design of Hydraulic Valve Actuators for FCCU and DCU

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Neal Cammy - BLAC INC.


courtesy of Blac Inc.In recent years, we have received requests for SIL rated valve actuator system, but have found that “SIL” is not applied as intended by the international standard, or not uniformly applied to this type of equipment. FCCU catalyst control valve applications are different than the delayed coker unheading valves, but are often treated the same with respect to the application of SIL. This presentation will explain some of the issues and confusion regarding SIL, and provide realistic guidance for the application of SIL to FCCU and DCU valve actuator systems.

Neal Cammy, Blac Inc. - presenter at RefComm Budapest 2017Neal Cammy is currently Manager of the Engineering Department at BLAC INC., a manufacturer of high performance electro-hydraulic actuator systems for Coker, FCC and Power applications. Prior to joining BLAC INC. in 2011, Neal spent 31 years with UOP, a major licensor of FCC technology. Neal has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering.Blac-Inc-Logo

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