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What to Do with the Resulting Pitch Stream

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Marvin Petit-Homme - IPCO, LLC


As global environmental legislation becomes more stringent, refiners are increasingly looking towards Residue Upgrading Technologies to produce more value-added products.

Solvent Deasphalting is playing a critical role in many Heavy Oil Upgrading Technologies. “What to do with the resulting Pitch stream” from the SDA unit is a frequently asked question by refiners & licensors.

This paper describes a process to solidify the carbon-rich pitch from the SDA unit. The solidified particle(s) can be used as either a solid fuel or sold as an industrial value-added product.

An overview of the solidification process will be provided, followed by a discussion on the ideal physical properties of the liquid residue stream for this process. The paper will address different technologies to produce particles such as pastilles (pellets) or flakes. The advantages & disadvantages of either particle form will also be discussed. This paper will provide an overview of the required process conditions, utilities required and plot plan required for the process.

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