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What is the role of the FCC for the next Decade and how will it differ between each region of the US?

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Mel Larson - Becht Engineering


The global pandemic has raised awareness in meeting the Paris Climate objectives to meet a 1.5 to 2.0°C rise temperature. The focus is to lower CO2 emissions dramatically by lower fossil fuel use and emissions sources. At the same time overall energy demand for the next decade will increase across all fronts globally consistent with GDP growth both regionally and globally as modernization continues forward. Transportation is critical in meeting the objectives for modernization and growth.

The FCC historically has been the key unit in the refinery asset mix. The flexibility in converting carbonaceous VGO or residua into valuable olefins, gasoline and diesel fuel demonstrates the importance of this unit. The USA fleet efficiency standards has resulted in a nearly decades long flat demand profile across the US. The flat profile is a result of improvements in fuel efficiency and declining ownership of vehicles in the US market. With a focus on lower CO2 emissions specifically at the transportation market in both the manufacturing of and the consumption, the FCC unit value must be evaluated in this “new” dynamic.

This presentation will discuss general market elements and drivers, global trade flow shifts, and down into the specific areas where the FCC role may be adjusted to remain a key asset for the refinery of the future.

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