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Valve Selection Criteria to Minimize Downtime and Increase Productivity

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David Donne - SchuF-Armaturen und Apparatebau GmbH, GERMANY


There are many Residue HydroCracking (RHC) processes from different licensors, but they nevertheless have a lot of similarities and therefore face similar challenges. Handling heavy feeds at high temperatures and pressures can lead to fouling and accelerated wear if the wrong valve types are selected. Getting valve selection right in the beginning can save a lot of operational, and potentially safety problems later on.

The presentation will look at the key valve applications in the RHC process, and how the following can play an important part in the overall performance and availability of the RHC process:

David Donne - SchufDavid Donne is the Global Sales Director of SchuF and recently celebrated 25 years of working for the company in Germany. He started as a design engineer before moving into projects and then sales, including a three-year stint as production manager. Originally from Scotland, David has a BEng(Hons), MSc and MBA from UK universities. His main business travels takes him to Asia and to Europe where he tries to squeeze in some golfing if possible.

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