Upgrading Existing Delayed Cokers with Ruhrpumpen Remote Cutting Technology

Presented By

Daniel Lopez - Ruhrpumpen

Conference: Valencia 2018

The fact of improved technology and increased safety in new Units, is the main driver for older Systems/DCU up upgrade and reach a similar level.
Major steps are

  • Electrical Cutting System, Freefall Arrestor
  • Remote Cutting System / Automatic Cutting System
  • Automatic bottom deheading system
  • Automatic top deheading system

One major step in terms of technology is the implementation of an electrically driven coke cutting system with FFA. This brings immediately improvements in reliability, maintenance, and safety. Remote and automatic cutting is the last and required the step to reach a state of the art safety level. This requires complex and tailor-made engineering solutions as the existing structure need to be revised. Company Ruhrpumpen, engineers/designs, manufactured and installs revamps for existing DCUs and existing cutting systems. A large increase in safety, reliability and maintenance and an improvement in operation has been achieved.

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