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Understanding Iron Contaminates on FCC Catalysts

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Melissa Clough - BASF


Iron has always been a concern for FCC operations around the world. More recently, with the rising use of tight oils in North America, iron has come to the forefront again. Unlike with traditional crude feedstocks, tight oils typically contain high levels of iron but nominal amounts of other contaminants such as nickel and vanadium. As such, the effects of iron are more easily brought to light. The effects of iron are multi-faceted from circulation issues, to activity losses, to increased slurry yields.

Iron laydown, nodulation formation, and activity affects will be discussed, along with other topics including supporting unit operating data. This presentation will illustrate the resources that BASF has dedicated to the understanding of iron contamination on FCC catalysts and demonstrates BASF’s commitment to helping customers combat the challenges seen in today’s ever changing refining landscape.

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