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Typical Electric Heater Applications: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

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Patrick Bartell - Valin


Crude Refiners have long known the additional value to the bottom line of FCC and RFCC processes. Electric regeneration process heaters are a vital part of these installed units. The primary function of a set of electric process heaters is the regeneration of catalysts. Minimizing catalyst deactivation helps to maintain the highest and most efficient activity. Electric Process Heaters specified in this process are tasked to do just that…improve catalyst effectiveness. They are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance and reliability. Their efficiency and reliability are vital to the performance of these FCC and RFCC processes. Valin Corporation has provided valuable assistance to plants deciding to more actively include these heating systems in their routine PM processes. Our presentation is designed to instruct plant process owners the most effective way to maintain and continuously improve these regen heaters by:

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