TUPRAS Completes their Residuum Upgrading Project (RUP) at Izmit Refinery in Turkey

Presented By

Onur Aka - TUPRAS

Conference: Galveston 2019

The main purpose of the RUP is to process 4.2 million tons of high sulfur fuel oil and produce 3.5 million tons of valuable high-quality white products (diesel/jet fuel, gasoline, and LPG) in Euro-V standards, 690,000 tons of petroleum coke and 86,000 tons of sulfur. With the new facility, TUPRAS will double diesel production reaching 10 to 11 million tons annually. There will be 25-30 percent increase in jet fuel and gasoline production whereas fuel oil production will decrease by 90 percent.

The project scope includes:

  • Delayed Coker Unit (8.2 m3/d)
  • Integrated Hydrocracking Unit (8.0 m3/d)
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