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TUPRAS Completes their Residuum Upgrading Project (RUP) at Izmit Refinery in Turkey

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Onur Aka - TUPRAS


TUPRAS Residuum Upgrading Project The main purpose of the RUP is to process 4.2 million tons of high sulfur fuel oil and produce 3.5 million tons of valuable high-quality white products (diesel/jet fuel, gasoline, and LPG) in Euro-V standards, 690,000 tons of petroleum coke and 86,000 tons of sulfur. With the new facility, TUPRAS will double diesel production reaching 10 to 11 million tons annually. There will be 25-30 percent increase in jet fuel and gasoline production whereas fuel oil production will decrease by 90 percent.

The project scope includes:

Onur AkaOnur Aka is Process Superintendent in TUPRAS (Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation) Headquarters, where he has held multiple positions in Process and Operations functions for 13 years. Onur was  Operations Superintendent for the successful Precommisioning,Commissioning, Start-up and stabilization stages of Turkey’s first Delayed Coker Unit. Onur holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and a MBA degree from reputable universities in Turkey.

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