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Troubleshooting Refractory Problems

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Waldi Van Leeuwen - BP Refining Logistics Technology


troubleshooting refractory problems FCCU

An FCC plays a vital role in many refineries, and if it is not in operation it can impact refinery profitability.

Refractory can be one of the main contributors to production losses on an FCC, but proper care can reduce downtime and improve profit and more importantly, safety.

This presentation covers refractory lining failures in FCC’s, and uses real examples that were addressed during many turnarounds.

Waldi van Leeuwen, BPWaldi Van Leeuwen joined BP’s Refining & Logistics Technology organization in February 2012 as Principal Engineer FCCU / Mechanical. Prior to this, Waldi worked as Maintenance Engineer, Availability Engineer and Technical Authority and Engineering Manager for a large FCC project at BP’s Rotterdam Refinery for 10 years.

He began his career in 1987 at ICI (UK Chemical company) and has a strong background in Maintenance in Engineering. Over the years, Waldi was involved in engineering, projects and turnaround inspections on numerous refineries, especially on fluidized catalytic crackers (FCC’s), and he has done more than 20 FCCU turnarounds in the U.S., Europe and Russia. Waldi covers both the mechanical and refractory aspects of an FCC. He holds a Bachelor  of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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